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Monday, May 4, 2015

Remote or in-person emf (electromagnetic field) risk assessment by Andrew and Doe...

We are starting up a new and (for the time being) complementary service that we wanted to offer to various friends, clients and associates who would like to take advantage of it, and who also lives locally, ie, in Longmont, Niwot, or somewhere close by. Andrew and I already offer complementary phone consultations where we help people figure out what sort of electromagnetic protection they might need (and then recommend from our product line). We have only just begun doing in home emf assessments where we go to a person's residence to see what we find by way of potential emf (electromagnetic field) risk factors which can potentially lead to electro-hypsensitivity, as well as other potential health threats (heart failure, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia and more) that come as a result of being around both wired and wireless emfs, every day and every hour.

If someone who lives further away would like us to come in person, we will consider it, depending on the location.

Our websites, both

www.thecenterforthefuture.com    as well as

sell affordable products to help with mitigating the detrimental effects of human made emfs, which are more prevalent in our environment than ever in history. And as a matter of fact, there is new research from a highly credible American scientist / educator / researcher in Washington state that shows the exact biological mechanism whereby people become ill from constant exposure to electromagnetic fields, and especially wireless fields (microwave emissions). This is new information that demonstrates how low level emf (previously thought too low to matter) creates a cascade of damaging biological effects in the human body that have not previously been scientifically documented (altho thousands, if not millions of people in the world, know this from their own direct experience as electro-hypersensitives). This new information, if widely known, accepted, and acted upon would put the telecommunications industry on its head as regards what emr (electromagnetic radiation) exposure limits ought to be, versus what is currently allowed.

Many people nowadays have a vague awareness of the potential dangers of wireless communications in the form of cell phones, but how many truly understand that our WiFi may be causing all of us great harm, and that living in the current "electromagnetic soup" we are all exposed to, nearly constantly, may be at great expense to our and our loved ones' health. This includes smart meters, cell towers and relay antennas, baby monitors, WiFi, "smart" and other cell phones, mobile (indoor) phones, iPads, laptops, and so many of our current and ever-evolving "mod-cons!!" (ie, conveniences of modern living!)

If you are reading this and would like us to come to your place of residence to perform our complementary emf risk assessment, please email us at pandora108@juno.com and we will contact you to schedule a day and time.


Local On-Site Consultations

If you live in the Longmont / Boulder area of Colorado, U.S.A., we are happy to come to your home with our products to show you what you will need. We will not go around your home with a meter or with a pair of dowsing rods; we already know, in general, the items inside your home, and outside, that are the main culprits for producing harmful electromagnetic radiation. We will, therefore, walk around your home with you and recommend a primary and secondary list of the electromagnetic protection products you will need. The primary list will be what we consider to be essential, such as your Wi-Fi router and household wiring, and the secondary list will cover less harmful items, such as your TV and DVD player, but which you may still desire electromagnetic protection for.
If you live within the City of Longmont our regular cost for this service is a fee of $25.00 for up to an hour of our time. If you live within 20 miles of Longmont our charge is $35. If you end up purchasing a minimal $150 worth of electromagnetic protection products from us (before tax) we will waive these fees. The consultation should last less than an hour, and there is no obligation to make a purchase. (In this post, however, we are offering this consultation for the time being, for free!)

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Food Revolution Summit Starts Tomorrow - April 25th.

Food is the foundation of health. But we have a food industry that pays little attention to your health. And a medical system that pays little attention to your food.

That's why it's so important, now more than ever, to get informed and to get empowered.  
The online Food Revolution Summit starts tomorrow, April 25th.
There’s no revolution unless you’re there, you can join online from home, and participate in your pajamas if you want!
John and Ocean Robbins have brought together 25 of the world’s most educated and inspired doctors, researchers and luminaries sharing — with you — the TRUTH about food and its effect on your health and the environment.
Register now and get instant access.
There is NO COST!
It all starts tomorrow! We hope you will join us.

Monday, April 20, 2015

25 top resources for Food Lovers

Are you as horrified as we are to see what’s happening to our food?
Even if you are not, and you wish to become enlightened, or you are already aware that the majority of the foods found in grocery stores, even foods that are labeled "healthy" and "natural", still can contain a list of unhealthy ingredients, including unhealthy fats and oils, pesticides, too much sugar, chemical colorings, flavorings, and preservatives, not to mention genetically modified ingredients, then a free online Food Revolution Summit is coming up that we are sure will enlighten you. 
Without the knowledge a summit like this can give we will all be left in the hands of companies like Monsanto and McDonald’s, who have spent tens of millions of dollars in recent years trying to stop anything that would interfere with their relentless pursuit of profits by selling us unhealthy food.
If you care about your health and the health of our planet, and if you want to know how certain foods can make the difference between disease and vitality, we invite you to join us for a game-changing online event:
From April 25th. to May 3rd. bestselling author John Robbins is personally interviewing 25 of the world’s top experts, scientists and celebrities in movements for healthy, sustainable, humane and delicious food.
He will be talking to Paul McCartney, Michael Pollan, Tony Robbins, Vani Hari, Eric Schlosser, and 20 more of the world’s most educated, experienced and inspirational voices. You’ll get the latest breaking news about food, nutrition, your health and the health of the planet!
There’s a great special bonus when you sign up for the Food Revolution Summit: "The Real Food Action Guide". It reveals medical breakthroughs the food industry hopes you never discover, and gives you the truth about GMOs and how to protect your family.
Find out more and sign up now!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Miracles 2015 Online Intro + One Week Left To Enroll

The future.....delivered today!
January 25, 2015
Just a quick note to let you know, you still have about a week to take advantage of the "Your Year of Miracles" 2015 program, as the two women who lead it will be doing another free introductory seminar, and have left the registration for the year long program open through January. 

I, Doe, spent 2014 learning how to become more established in the "miracle zone" from two amazing teachers, Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman, and as you are a FutureAlternatives reader, I suspect you are a like-minded soul, I want you to experience miracles in your life, also.

Marci has spent over 120 weeks at the top of the NY Times best-seller list, and is one of the featured teachers in the hit movie, The Secret, and Debra was Marci's first mentor (as well as being mentor to such luminaries as Deepak Chopra!!)!!

I highly recommend listening to the upcoming online seminar and if the spirit (as well as the reasonable cost) moves you to attend, I recommend you register asap and begin to manifest miracles in your own life! And even if you don't register, the free seminar is full of valuable information. You owe it to yourself just to listen. It is an event you really and truly don't want to miss!

Click below......
What Marci and Debra have to share is so powerful, that no matter what is going on in your life or how insurmountable your circumstances may seem, once you begin to practice what they teach, I promise you, your life will begin to be filled with daily miracles.
I am looking forward to the year 2015, and I hope you will join me and us in creating a miraculous life in 2015.
With warm regards,

Doe, for Doe and Andrew at The Center For The Future...

PS Even if you can't listen live, register for the introductory seminar and they'll happily send you the recording after the event is over.
PPS If you would like to have an overview of the entire program, please click the below link for a much longer webpage, with all the detail you could wish for:

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Miracles 2015 - Introductory Seminar This Tuesday

We wanted to remind our readers that the free intro for Your Year Of Miracles 2015 (year long) seminar will be taking place on...
Tuesday, December 2nd at 8:30 PM EST • 6:30 PM MST • 5:30 PM PST.

Click here to register.

We are following up on this because we would love for not only ourselves, but for you (and/or your significant female "other") to learn to experience miracles by consciously creating and sustaining your own "miracle zone" in your life. And selfishly, perhaps, we want to see more of our greater metaphysical, spiritual, and extended family participating in this wonderful, year long seminar and ongoing "experiment" in intentionality and group intention!

We highly recommend that you attend the Tuesday seminar, and then discover for yourself if you would like to register for the year long program which, of course, does cost something (but not nearly as much as you might think for a year long course!).

In 2014, there were 1800 participants, worldwide! And we would love to see every one of you, and/or your significant relations, begin to also create miracles in your lives, and to experience shifts in ways you perhaps never thought possible.

Click here to register to attend (if you are unable to attend live, a replay link will be sent to you afterwards). 

Whether you choose to do the year long Your Year Of Miracles mentoring program or not, you will gain valuable coaching and insight by listening to the online presentation, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by tuning in!!!

Here's to a miraculous 2015 for each one of us.

PS   FYI - last years presenters included (among many others):

John Gray, Ph.D., (author of Men Are from Mars)
Marianne Williamson (of A Course In Miracles renown)
Lynne McTaggert (creator of the Intention Experiment)
Katherine Woodward Thomas (world authority on self love)
Janet Attwood (co-author of The Passion Test)
John Newton (on ancestral forgiveness and peacemaking)
Joe Vitale (on Ho-oponopono and clearing/cleaning and releasing the past)
Nick Ortner on EFT/"tapping"

And just as many other marvelous, high caliber speaker/presenters, in addition to Debra and Marci (our year long mentor/coaches).

What an incredible line up this last year has been! I (Doe) am so looking forward to what comes in 2015, and I sincerely hope you will join us.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Who else wants miracles in their life?

Just a quick note to tell you about an upcoming program for 2015 that Andrew and I are so excited to share with you, and that you will absolutely want to take advantage of. I believe it can completely change your life.

I (Doe) know that miracles are real. I have known this, and have experienced, time and again, what I would describe as miracles, in my own life, over many decades. In 2014, I spent a wonderful year learning from and being coached by two amazing teachers, Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman, in how to create and sustain what they have come to call the "miracle zone."

Marci has spent over 120 weeks at the top of the NY Times best-seller list (for her "Chicken Soup For The Woman's Soul" books) and is one of the featured teachers in the hit movie, The Secret;  Debra was Marci's first mentor and would more accurately be described as a "teacher to the teachers!!"

In a very small nutshell I learned, once you begin to create and learn how to incrementally sustain this expanded state of being, the "miracle zone," (which involves such things as forgiveness, letting go of the past, learning to love yourself and more), you will truly begin to experience a shift in your life, both in expected, as well as unanticipated, ways.

For myself, this course has been a refresher course in many ways, and a reminder of what is truly possible in creating my own reality; in other ways, it has been totally new and fresh, and highly inspiring, to say the very least. My words do not do it justice in terms of its experiential quality. I have had my own profound experiences as a result of being a participant, and have also experienced a spiritual deepening that has quite taken me by surprise.

Now, I would like for you, also, to be able to experience miracles in your life. Andrew and I, along with Marci and Debra, would like to offer you a free online introductory seminar on Dec. 2nd. I so highly recommend that you attend, and then discover for yourself, if you would like to register for the year long course, and begin to create miracles in your own life like you never have before.

Even if you can't listen live, register for the free seminar and they'll happily send you the recording after the event is over. This is an event you really and truly don't want to miss.

What Marci and Debra have to share is so powerful that no matter what is going on in your life or how insurmountable your circumstances may seem, once you implement what they teach, your life will begin to be filled with daily miracles. In fact, Marci is going to tell you what she didn't tell you in The Secret about how to manifest what you want in your life...

Looking forward to having you join me and us, so that together, we create miraculous lives for ourselves in 2015, as well as continue together in our work of raising the consciousness of the entire planet!

Please click here to register for the free online event:

Here's to a Miraculous 2015!!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Starts tomorrow: Healthy kitchen secrets for busy people...

Is it just us, or is this backwards?

You can get a cheap Snickers bar at any corner store, but sometimes you have to travel miles and spend what seems like a fortune to get some fresh organic vegetables!

No wonder so many people are sick, overweight, and miserable.

Luckily there is a solution.

And it starts tomorrow!

John Robbins’ books about food and health have sold millions of copies, and have helped to awaken the modern natural foods movement. They’re passionate about taking the stress out
of healthy eating.

We are so excited that they’re offering this no cost program, because we know that it will help you discover how to make nutritious food more convenient, affordable, and fabulous.

When you register, you’ll get complimentary access to the Healthy Kitchen Power Hour, PLUS John and Ocean’s Healthy Kitchen Guidebook, complete with healthy and delicious
recipes, and tools for stocking a healthy kitchen.

Get it all now!